The northwestern county of Altriere is famed for being a place concentrated with magic. As such, it attracts many wizards, sorcerers, and other arcane spellcasters. Coming from Haelstrom grants you the following benefits: [You add Knowledge (Arcana) as a class skill and gain a +1 bonus to your Knowledge (Arcana) checks.]


The northern county of Kur’ir is the most poorly managed, and as such, most people live in poverty or live in the wilds. Very few can say they live a privileged life, which is further made problematic by the cold weather experienced there. Count Durkis Kur’ir is known far and wide to be a tyrant, yet, without any proof that he has committed any illegal acts against the country, he cannot be removed from power, at least by legal means… Hailing from Kur’ir grants you the following benefits: [You gain a +1 bonus to Fortitude saves and a +2 bonus to Constitution checks made to resist fatigue and/or hunger.]


The northeastern county of Kil’del is one of the smallest and is covered in woodlands. Many elves, eladrin, and other fey creatures make there homes here in these lush forests and jungles. What little civilization that can be found in Kil’del is important in the fact that the otherwise wild natives usually only make contact with other natives of these forests, and are necessary to maintain relationships within Kil’del. If your home county is Kil’del, you gain the following benefits: [You add Survival as a class skill, and you also gain a +1 bonus to Survival checks.]


The eastern county of Rin-Kar is mostly wasteland and desert, with little water or rainfall each year, due to the Rincalan Mountain Range to the east. The natives to this land are often nomadic in tradition, wandering from place to place, although a few sanctuaries of stable civilization are found, such as the famous city of Dusk. If you come from the county of Rin-Kar, you gain the following benefits: [You gain resistance 1 against fire, and a +2 bonus to Constitution checks made to resist exhaustion and/or thirst.]


The southern county of Mayhan is a place with a reputation for being the target of bad luck; if it’s not curses one year, it’ll be a bad harvest the next. Despite this, the people of Mayhan keep their daily lives simple and intact. The constant threats and bad luck these people experience day to day harden them, making them hard to shake up. As a result, Mayhan is the county with the lowest crime rate, accounting for no more than .3% of the country’s entire criminal populace. If you hail from Mayhan, you gain the following benefits: [You are strong-willed and hard to shake, giving you a +1 bonus to your Will saves.]


The southwestern county of Gardhil is known widely as the “Misfit County”, because many of the peaceful members of Altriere’s monstrous races, such as Gnolls, Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds, reside there. Despite this, they have been a part of the community for quite some time and are readily accepted in many other parts of the country. Gardhil itself is a wild frontier land, where many different climates clash due to past magical exprimentation on the land to create a man-made ecosystem. Deserts plague to southeast, while frost-bitten mountains dot the northern reaches, and forests expand upon its southwestern edges. If you originate from Gardhil, you gain the following benefits: [You can ignore difficult terrain from one of the following sources, chosen on creation; natural (shrubbery, grass, bushes), ice/snow, or mud/rubble/rocks]


The western county of Keiras is often thought of as the region closest to the gods, since its mountainous terrain has often lent the idea that one could reach the heavens by climbing the mountains. As a result, it holds the largest amount of temples per settlement in the country, and many paladins, clerics, avengers, and invokers can recount their origins here. If you come from Keiras, you gain the following benefits: [You add Knowledge (Religion) to your class skills list and gain a +1 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) checks.]


The most recently added county, Nihon is a small archipelago west of Gardhil and has only been a part of Altriere for 39 years, and many of the country’s inhabitants still recall the Nihon-Altrierian War. The culture of Nihon differs vastly from that of Altriere, and many adventurers who originate from Nihon believe at least a slight bit in the power of spirituality, a relatively new concept to most Altrierians. If you hail from the county of Nihon, you gain the following benefit: [You automatically know Nihonjin as a language. You also gain the ability to take proficiency in Eastern Weapons and Armor, found in Ultimate Combat.]


The central county and home to the nation’s capital of Altreina, Altrien is famous for its stubborn merchants and numerous festivals. All of the country’s Counts, Countesses, Kings, and Queens have all hailed from Altrien, and the adventurers who come from this county tend to make quite the name for themselves (as long as they live, that is). If you come from the famed county of Altrien, you gain the following benefits: [You add Diplomacy to your skills list and gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy check.]


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