Other Custom Content

This is where the custom content that doesn’t have as big of an impact on the roleplaying or the storyline as the other content can be found. Each topic will have a link to another page if it has extra details to be found.

Fame and Infamy

Each PC has a “Fame” and “Infamy” counter that represents how well-known they are throughout Altriere, although this is mostly just word-of-mouth information that is passed on through rumors and word-of-mouth. A PC with more Infamy than Fame for causing ruckus or otherwise being known as a nuisance may have a greater personal standing among the citizens of a certain village or town who know what he does is a result of his need to help others even if it gets him in trouble. A character’s Fame and Infamy can even be skewed by the word of an influential NPC, for better or for worse. Good characters can have more Infamy than Fame and evil characters can have more Fame than Infamy – this is merely a standing of how each PC is represented as a name in Altriere, not as a person. In-game, the Fame and Infamy of a certain character can be updated on-site by using a Diplomacy or Perception check to listen for rumors of their deeds. The bigger the change in their Fame or Infamy, the easier it is for a PC to learn how well-known they’ve become. Performing certain deeds can make PCs well-known and earn them “Titles”, which gives their notoriety in form of something to call the PC by, which are looked upon in-depth below.


Titles are obtained by performing certain actions, with the specifics known only to the DM, although hints can be found in each title’s description once obtained. Titles will raise or lower a PC’s Fame or Infamy, depending on how the required accomplishment is seen in the public’s eyes. Some Titles are race- or class-exclusive, meaning a PC cannot “collect” all the Titles available. Most Titles will also offer a benefit related to the accomplishment that acquired the new Title. The acquisition of each Title will be hidden until discovered. Once discovered, a Title can then be selected at the start of each session. Like with Fame and Infamy, PCs can discover their new Titles, if any, by performing a Diplomacy check. Each title has its own, secret DC known only to the DM.


Starsigns are special benefits that are acquired on character creation. There are 12 Starsigns in the Xirilian night sky, each representing a month in the year. People that reach a certain level of ability can utilize an ability unique to the Sign they were born under, which strengthens as the person does. Often, this ability manifests in successful adventurers due to their pursuit of strength in order to overcome the ever-greater dangers in Altriere. [COMING SOON]

Raise Faithless

The ritual “Raise Faithless” is a unique spell that allows you to raise characters who worshipped no deity from death, whereas “Raise Dead” cannot do so. However, “Raise Faithless” is a more difficult spell to perform and requires more expensive components, meaning only truly skilled spellcasters can perform it. Characters that cast divine spells who worship Kynareth, however, cannot perform “Raise Faithless” at all, whereas they only have a small chance of failing to perform “Raise Dead”. [DETAILS COMING SOON]

Classes and Prestige Classes

Custom classes and prestige classes for the PC who just can’t find something that fits what they want to play!

Other Custom Content

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