BF (Before Foundation) 2000+

At least 2,000 years before humans arrived, the alfar establish the magocracy of “Del’wythyn”, or “Land of Arcana”. Plenty of magical research and many experiments performed by the alfar lead to staggering developments in the arts of wizardry, as well as the creation of the tiefling race.

BF 26 – PF (Post-Foundation) 0

The humans from a neighboring land come to Del’wythyn in an attempt to escape prejudice and to form their own country. In a war of spells, swords, and wyvern-riding knights, the humans emerge victorious, freeing the alfar’s tiefling slaves and driving the alfar themselves into hiding.

PF 2

The human nation of Altriere is quickly established, with approximately one-fourth of the previously alfar-dominated land colonized and under its control.

PF 43

The first elves emerge alongside their eladrin cousins, and begin to act as emissaries between the humans and their reclusive kin. At the same time, a number of members of the savage races, such as goblins, orcs, and kobolds, begin to express desire to join the newly-risen nation. Many of their brothers and sisters ignore Altriere’s prowess in war and haughtily remain in their tribes in the wilderness.

PF 117

More than half of the land is now colonized, with cities and villages quickly springing up. Many caravans of nomadic halflings choose to settle down in these newly built civilizations, curious as to the workings behind them, beginning the “Great Settling” among halflings, leaving few nomadic caravans left to this day.

PF 166

The entirety of the main country of Altriere is now colonized. In addition, the tiefling race as a whole begins to distance itself from the public eye of the populace, with few remaining to live out their lives as normally as they can.

PF 251

Contact is established between King Syrus Altriere IV and the wise men of the archipelago nation of Nihon, leading to trading and diplomatic talks between the two countries. In addition to exotic silks, spices, and food, many arms and armor are traded (some illegally) across the sea to strengthen Altriere’s warriors and defenses.

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