Only the deities found on this page can be used in the Land of Altriere campaign. Deities from the Player’s Handbook or any other source cannot be used. PCs worshipping such deities (or no deity at all) will be treated as Faithless. The cost of material components for a Raise Dead ritual (or such a scroll) cost twice as much when bringing a Faithless character back to life due to the difficulty in bringing their soul back from the Astral Plane as opposed to a character whose soul is on the native plane of their patron deity. See Other Custom Content for information on the “Raise Faithless” ritual.

The Greater Nine (Greater Deities)

Asmusth (God of Creation and Life) (True Neutral)

Kynaris (God of Honor and Law) (Lawful Good)

Kynareth (Goddess of Death and Souls) (True Neutral)

Mitans’ol (God of Darkness and the Moon) (Lawful Neutral)

Momaruen (God of Air and Wind) (Chaotic Neutral)

Mortarin (God of Fire and the Sun) (Chaotic Neutral)

Simalien (Goddess of Water and Preservation) (Lawful Good)

Thamen (Goddess of Magic and Arcana) (Lawful Neutral)

Uruken (Goddess of Nature and Animals) (True Neutral)

Major Deities

Chronus (God of Time and History) (Lawful Neutral)

Feinris (God of Corruption and Deceit) (Lawful Evil)

Marise’i (Goddess of Purity and Innocence) (Neutral Good)

Titai (God of Art and Creativity) (Chaotic Good)

Mira (Goddess of Justice and Righteousness) (Lawful Good)

Hudan (God of Craftsmanship and Smithing) (Lawful Neutral)

Revelaen (God of the Fey and the Feywild) (Chaotic Neutral)

Asmodeus (God of Devils and the Hells) (Lawful Evil)

Saemia (Goddess of Love and Compassion) (Neutral Good)

Dharvalen (God of the Dwarves) (Lawful Good)

Cartalen (God of the Elves) (Chaotic Neutral)

Mud’alog (God of the Orcs and Goblins) (Chaotic Evil)

Korten’dareq (God of Dragons) (True Neutral)

Rubaryn (Goddess of Travel) (Chaotic Good)

Shankiil (God of Protection and Self-Sacrifice) (Lawful Good)

Siraten (Goddess of Dreams and the Mind) (Chaotic Neutral)

Siraqu’il (Goddess of Nightmares) (Neutral Evil)

Demadar (Goddess of Luck) (Chaotic Neutral)

Minor Deities

Sira (Goddess of the Drow and the Underdark) (Chaotic Evil)

Doman (God of Battle and Chaos) (Chaotic Neutral)

Kelindaraki (Goddess of Sports) (Chaotic Good)

Belalir (God of Schemes and Strife) (Lawful Evil)

Exaris (God of Machines and Construction) (Lawful Neutral)

Heironar (God of Civilization) (Lawful Neutral)

Griman (God of Undeath and Necromancy) (Lawful Evil)

Dirin (Goddess of Storms and Thunder) (Chaotic Neutral)

Aki (Goddess of Seasons and Change) (True Neutral)

Haru’k (God of the Harvest) (Chaotic Good)

Celia’sa (Goddess of the Wilderness) (Chaotic Neutral)

Xyxis (God of Knowledge and Puzzles) (True Neutral)

Madiim (God of Freedom) (Chaotic Good)


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