Land of Altriere

Queen of the Lizardlings
A ragtag group of adventurers is sent to locate a crazy old man's daughter and bring her back safely... But it's never that simple, is it?

Three unlikely travelers, the human barbarian Caim, the half-elf ninja Sora, and the dolfar paladin Sylphina, after arriving at the capital city of the county of Haelstrom, Hael, discovered that an old man by the name of Ramsey was looking for his daughter. Interested in work, these three investigated and undertook the quest, heading into the plains to the west to search for Ashley, though they were suspicious about the truth. Discovering a hidden kobold lair, the three of them entered and fought off numerous kobold defenders, eventually discovering Ashley. The young human woman revealed she had initially run away from her actual father, the count of Haelstrom, Terrence Hael, who pushed her into becoming a powerful mage for his own benefit. However, she was taken by surprise by the group of kobolds and troglodytes that lived there during the night and kidnapped. When she displayed her powerful magic and ability to speak Draconic, the beastial humanoids instantly declared her a herald of the dragon-god Korten’dareq and thrust her into the position of leadership. Unwilling to go back to her father, Ashley wished to remain with the beastmen, as she had all the perks of nobility and the freedom her father never let her have. Deciding to let her stay with the kobolds and troglodytes, the three then reported back to Ramsey and received their reward for confirming her safety.

Celebrations Cut Short Part 2
Lights, magic, action! Behind the curtain, something evil is afoot... But what?

After successfully earning parts in Lorenzo’s play, Brenna and Linza performed amazingly, turning the play into a hit. Returning to the temple of Shankiil, they were welcomed back into the wards, where they found Drakel, the man they rescued earlier that day, conscious. After Head Priestess Elda and Acolyte Serahgon walked into the room, Brenna and Linza were asked if they would deliver the small box Drakel had been found with. Opening the box revealed a small, stone dagger, etched with alien runes. While non-magical, it was obviously primed to be enchanted, and the two have yet to decide what they are going to do…

Celebrations Cut Short Part 1
When an injured man is found on the streets of the capital city in the midst of a celebration, something darker that lurks the city is hinted at...

Brenna the feykin summoner and Linza the dolfar sorceress had arrived during the festival celebrating the anniversary of the end of the Nihon Wars. After successfully bartering for a pair of silver amulets, the two stumbled across an injured man carrying a small, wooden box. After bringing him to a temple of Shankiil, the god of Protection and Self-Sacrifice, for healing, the two went shopping once again in order to pass time before returning to visit him. After a clothing merchant mentioned they could find work in a play that her husband was hosting this evening, the two rushed off to try out before there were no more roles to play. Making it in time to try out, Brenna was chosen to audition and gave a tear-jerking display.


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