Land of Altriere

Celebrations Cut Short Part 1

When an injured man is found on the streets of the capital city in the midst of a celebration, something darker that lurks the city is hinted at...

Brenna the feykin summoner and Linza the dolfar sorceress had arrived during the festival celebrating the anniversary of the end of the Nihon Wars. After successfully bartering for a pair of silver amulets, the two stumbled across an injured man carrying a small, wooden box. After bringing him to a temple of Shankiil, the god of Protection and Self-Sacrifice, for healing, the two went shopping once again in order to pass time before returning to visit him. After a clothing merchant mentioned they could find work in a play that her husband was hosting this evening, the two rushed off to try out before there were no more roles to play. Making it in time to try out, Brenna was chosen to audition and gave a tear-jerking display.



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