The Grand Hierarchy of Altriere

The world of Xiril is wide and expansive, but only a few countries can claim to have true influence in it. The feudalistic country known as Altriere is one of these very countries, and it is here that our story begins…

The year is PF 1378, and the country has just come out of a short, but bloody, annexation war with its archipelago neighbor of Nihon, only 39 years ago. The small nation is now one of Altriere’s ten counties, each offering their own unique characteristics to Altriere.

There is little that Altriere does not have to offer. Diverse climates and people give the land a rich and varied culture, and its size and resources give it power over trade and warfare, alike. Snow and mountains claim dominion in the north. A desert, wide and expansive, can be found to the southeast, and humid jungles exists in the west.

The seat of the kingdom itself is found in the center, with Castle Altriena found in the city of the same name. King Syrus Altriere XVI enjoys his 67th year of rule alongside his wife Carella, with his eldest son Tarden, now of 39 years of age, preparing to take the throne. He is currently enjoying the peace and prosperity of his kingdom, but that seems due to change…

A dark shadow is brewing over Altriere, although very few see it. Evil is becoming more brazen, more cunning, and the shadows themselves seem to leap from the ground, if but for a moment. Darkness will soon bloom over Altriere, and it threatens to envelop the entire country, and soon the world. At a time no more crucial than Altriere’s very founding, the country needs heroes. Whether for fame, profit, or for the good of all… will you be one of many to drive back the coming evil? Or will you let the country fall?

Land of Altriere